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Resorts Condominium International (RCI) is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world. Since its founding in 1974, RCI has revolutionized the timeshare industry, offering more resorts, more destinations, and more benefits than any other exchange network.

With RCI, you will bring your timeshare ownership to the next level. Whether you’re about to buy timeshare for the first time or you’re a long-time owner, becoming an RCI member can greatly increase your travel flexibility. Timeshare exchange has expanded the traditional timeshare model to allow you to travel almost anywhere.

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How Does RCI Work?

RCI Timeshare & Exchange

By becoming a member of RCI, you can swap your vacation week for another RCI-affiliated resort, destination, or time of year. Typically weeks that are higher in popularity and demand will have the highest trading power. For example, a December week at a ski timeshare in Vail, Colorado will have a higher value than a week at the same resort in August. However if you have more than one ownership, you may be able to combine them to book a more popular reservation. If you book a trip below your allotted trading power, you’ll receive a credit towards another trip.

Currently, RCI offers exchange on two platforms: RCI Timeshare Weeks and RCI Points. Those with a fixed or floating week with their current ownership will use RCI Weeks to trade vacations. If your timeshare is a point-based membership, then you can actually use both RCI Weeks and Points.

With RCI Points you’ll also experience more flexibility in your length of stay. Don’t have enough time for a week-long trip? That’s not a problem when you have an RCI Points membership. Members are no longer restricted to the traditional seven-day timeshare week. Now members can book accommodations through RCI for a week, a weekend, or even a single night! You’ll have the ability to divide your week into multiple trips to multiple locations.

Banking and Adding Weeks

Expecting a busy year ahead? RCI provides the opportunity to bank your unused timeshare week for future use, for up to three years.

If you want even more vacation options, you can purchase additional trips through RCI Extra Vacations Getaways and Last Call Vacations. With Extra Getaways you’ll have the ability to purchase additional travel weeks. You can also purchase a Guest Certificate to share your vacation with family and friends. Last Call Vacations are similar but offer reduced rates on trips within 45 days of check in.

RCI Resorts

At this time, there are over 4,000 RCI timeshare resorts in over 100 countries worldwide. Offering the largest number of resorts and destinations, RCI offers more weeks than any other network. They have affiliations with some of the largest names in the timeshare industry including Disney Vacation ClubMarriott Vacation Club, and Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

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Although RCI adds more resorts every year, only certain resorts are affiliated. That means if you want to become an RCI member, you’ll need to buy a timeshare that is in RCI’s Resort Network. Timeshare Broker Services can help you to determine if your desired timeshare resale is affiliated with RCI.

Join the over 3.7 million RCI members and start planning your new adventure today. Call us at 887-884-9577 to learn how to buy RCI-affiliated timeshares or browse our timeshare listings.